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Jan 23

Anonymous said: I don't know how to ask for a story, but I was hoping for one where Tavros and Dave try out swimming before or after a picnic. Because picnics are cool.

[Hi anon! This askblog has pretty much gone defunct. But if you would like a story request, please send a duplicate ask to boondoggleprospect and I will happily write you one if you like. c:


May 29



(OOC: No really, please send in some asks. boondoggleprospect is working on art responses, and wow why is she putting in so much detail O_O, but I would really like something to write. -puppy dog eyes-

- eremiticAntiquarian)

May 06

Title: Not Over Just Yet
Author: eremiticAntiquarian
Rating: T
Words: 1250
x-posted: AO3



“So you’re hitting that, then?”

Dirk looks up from his mini paper plate of chips and queso dip to the older alternate version of himself. He’s just known as Bro by all of the people here but shares the same name, same birthday nonetheless. Like a twin brother who is a decade older, he muses as he examines what his features may become in a few years.

He traces the gaze from behind the pointy shades to the troll with one broken horn sitting with Aradia and Nepeta, the latter of which is hoarding a pile of candy which Vriska keeps trying to snatch pieces from. Sollux sits next to Aradia, buried in his iPhone, button clicking furiously with a scowl.

“Equius, you mean? Yeah, when Aradia lets me. She’s been pretty clear that she doesn’t trust a human to really know the meaning of kismesis. I don’t think she quites understands the human concept of casual sex.”

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May 05





¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Followers!

OOC: Hey everyone! Happy 5th of May!

We’ve got a few great things planned for you guys for this holiday… This party is gonna be a smash hit. I promise. ;D

However, we want to give everyone a chance to play a role in the events at the party as well.

As long as it fits into our established storyline, we’ll post anything you submit to us about this great little event going on over at Tav’s house! Really, anything you can think of!!!

From a 200 word drabble or a cute sketch of one of the latern decorations or even a few lines of dialogue… all the way to a couple thousand word fanfic or fully colored scene from the party! We just want you to be a part of the festivities, too!

Let’s celebrate General Zaragoza’s victory at the Battle of Puebla! (He was from what is now modern-day Texas, you know!)



¡Cinco de Mayo Begins!

Title: Backyard Fiesta
Author: eremiticAntiquarian
Rating: G
Words: 1027
x-posted: AO3



Tavros ran around his backyard like a cluckbeast with its head ripped off making small adjustments here and there. That lantern over there was just a little off, the bowls were asymmetrically placed on the table, that single paper flower just slightly twisted to the left. Everything had to be perfect. It had to.

People would be here soon.

Dave and Bro were bringing their ecto-family, Kanaya as Rose’s guest, and Gamzee as Roxy’s, from the transportalizer hub. The station wasn’t really that far away from his house, and they were due to arrive on the platform in a few minutes.

Aradia was taking care of a van rental for herself and some of the other trolls, and he knew his moirail was already in Houston by this point. Tavros hoped Equius didn’t break the vehicle somehow, he would feel so guilty since they were coming to see him. Especially considering some of the other passengers who might slobber up the windows or leave claw scratches down the seats if left unsupervised.

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May 04